Root Canal Treatment in Murphy TX

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Root canals are used to remove infected or inflamed pulp deep inside a tooth. The procedure involves taking the pulp out,
disinfecting and cleaning the tooth,then filling and sealing it to prevent any reinfection.

A root canal may be appropriate if any of the following are experienced:

  • Severe pain during normal biting or chewing
  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Pimple-like appearance on the gums
  • Decay or darkening of the gums

Root Canals serve as an effective alternative to a tooth implant, which can be more costly. They maintain your
natural tooth instead of replacing it with an artificial tooth. Root canals relieve and eliminate the pain caused by the affected teeth,
and carry minimal risk. After a successful root canal is complete, your tooth retains its natural function and appearance.

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